Dog Bad Breath…Goodbye with OraPup

dog-bad-breathDon’t you love it when your favorite pup is being playful and gets up in your face and …..oh my goodness…..

What a terrible smell coming from that lovable pooch’s mouth! All of us as dog owners fight against the problem of dog bad breath. WE try sprays, we try to brush their teeth. But, as a matter of fact most of the smell is coming from the tongue and that is where we need to get rid of the germs.

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Ten Year ago Dr. Bob Wagstaff invented the OraBrush tongue cleaner for bad breath in people. After some trial and error it took off and became a successful business. Dr. Bob first marketed it through a simple youtube video and since then it has grown to be a very successful company.

Okay – Part 2. The Orabrush tongue cleaner became so successful that people started requesting that Dr Bob invent something similar that would freshen a dog’s breath. All of us dog owners know that bad dog breath is a terrible problem when our favorite pup is up in your face.

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I know that we have the cutest Maltipoo that we love so much but her breath will almost set your hair on fire. We have tried sprays and she hates that. Look below to see how the Orapup works.


bad dog breath